you say that I am a song

that have not yet been sung

you say that I have a brilliance

not yet beaten by you

but don’t you see?

you have already beaten me

my soul mate

my adversary

with every beat of my step

you are one step ahead

I am but a shadow in your wake

my partner-in-crime

my confidante

I bleed from the womb

my informer

my brilliant friend

and the sting from my tears

is all that is left on my pillow

the song unsung


i burn whole

i burn whole

man is so strange and terrible

we create such beautiful wonders

of music, language, art and cathedrals

we destroy such beautiful wonders

of man, cities, nature and beliefs

the children of ourselves

how do we exist in a single being

how do we operate within ourselves

how do we keep convincing ourselves that this is the way

our memory is split

torn between tides

and centuries

is it too much of a burden

to be human?

will it always be more than we can carry

are we composite of too many conflicting things

will we survive — ourselves?

Manifesto #2

Manifesto #2

Never lose sight of your empathy

never lose sight of your wit

do not become your own worst enemy

but do not give up on your integrity

injustice is to be fought

and fear overcome

friends are indeed a much needed help

but so is the help from yourself

the world is strange and hard and wonderful

let your imagination guide you through

embrace change

but let yourself be enough

trust your instinct more than your second-guesses

there is more room than you know

but not enough to be taken for granted

you’ll likely always balance on life’s edge

you may never find true peace with yourself and the world

but numbing your heart is not the answer

loneliness should give way to the liberty of solitude

after all

there must be light at the end of the tunnel… somewhere