If you – like me – imagine yourself living in a world on the edge of obscurity and clarity, as if you see the world through noir-tinted glasses, while carrying the inescapable spell of weltschmerz, melancholia and nostalgia, to a sombre underscore of David Lynchian music, upholding a cynic-romantic approach to the larger things in life, follow this blog.

If you imagine yourself living in the magic realistic and fabulistic visions of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Wes Andersen, or the real and stark, sensory world of Andrea Arnold, and if you notice the little things in life; the texture and buzzing sounds of a fly’s wings, and the soft cooing noises of a child and its mother mirroring the cooing dove in the willow tree nearby, follow this blog.

If you go through life feeling like a character or a house in a Edward Hopper painting; the uncanny and eerie sense of something wrong about the calm waters of the lake or the empty house on the hill; of feeling both trapped and relaxed in the existential condition of loneliness and solitude, follow this blog.

If you like your coffee black with a hint of milk, follow this blog.

If you value freedom above anything else, if you never see things from only one side and find that no concept can be viewed as definitive, follow this blog.

If your interests and tastes consist of a broad spectrum, because you cannot allow yourself to entirely dismiss something that could become interesting and relevant, follow this blog.

If you hold on to the childlike notion of sometimes wanting to pretend to be or become someone – or something – else, somewhere else in life or in time; become a poet, a pioneer or a private eye for a day, follow this blog.

If you find endless conversations with the right partner – the thought of staying up all night just talking – highly stimulating, follow this blog.

If you spend all your time thinking rather than doing and wonder why there’s anything wrong with that, if you constantly ponder about time and existence, culture, literature, media, art and aesthetics, and never seem to find answers or truths but instead relations, parallels and paradoxes, follow this blog.

If you find writing – any writing – frustratingly hard and satisfying at the same time, and you revel in this frustration, because it’s one of the truest challenges in life, and you are afraid of the significance of the written word; that putting your thoughts and feelings into words will somewhat simultaneously make the thoughts and feelings lose their genuine meanings, let them become real or true, or point out their own absurdity, follow this blog.

If you think the goal in life is indefinable and don’t (want to) know what the nearest or the farthest future will bring – and you know this is both good and bad – follow this blog.

If you are prepared to try and follow an essayistic train of thought that goes beyond and within borders of various ideas, concepts and artistic expressions; where the identity, POV and narrative of this author may change and morph as we travel further up and further in on this rock-climbing processing of thoughts, this stream of consciousness, follow this blog.


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