midwestern gothic

-Driving across a bridge late at night on a back road, you have your brights on. Eyes glow yellow in reflection way down in the ditch. Deer, raccoon possum. You swivel in your seat to try to make them out as you drive by. Pairs of red eyes follow you. They never seem to get farther away.

-There are train tracks everywhere. Some fade away into tall grass or muddy streams, others into bellies of grain houses. You’ve never seen anyone get on or off a train, you never know where they’re going. Sometimes when out driving, you’re the first to stop at the flashing red lights. You watch the train cars rumble by with alien graffiti, and you think about jumping on. When you hear the train whistle late at night, you think about jumping on. You don’t know why you think this, but you always do.

-You could always see forever, it’s so flat. You wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, and spot what looks like a small fire by the tire pile across the field. You get in your car and drive, but the fire never gets closer. You drive and drive and drive for days, the fire never gets closer. It still burns brightly in the distance. You could always see forever. You could see right into hell.

(via fuckyeahsouthdakota)


Photos by Patrick Joust

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