Somewhere, some time, someone has taken a photo of you, without you knowing it. They caught your face just when it turned. The back of your head when the wind caught your hair. Your hand in motion, maybe waving at someone in the far distant, someone you recognized but couldn’t reach. Or maybe you were just about to tuck your hair behind your ear, walking on, alone.

They may throw out this picture of you. Or they might save it; hide it in a drawer, wondering who you are and what you were doing there; what you were thinking at that exact moment. Why you looked so sad? Or why you were smiling? Were you thinking of someone? Replaying an old, fond memory in your head while you saw the petals fall from an old, craning cherry tree like pink snow around you? Could there be someone in your life you wanted to walk alongside with you at that lonely moment in time?

Tell me: could it be me?


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