an excerpt #2

an excerpt #2

He grabbed my chin tightly.

“That stubborn chin of yours,” he spoke with grim amusement and shook it, holding my blazing gaze with hard eyes. “Will it ever seize? In its pride and its will?”

I struggled in his hold which only tightened and in return sparked the fire in my eyes.

“Never,” I said. “Not as long as I live.”

Impressive,” he drawled, nodding and gave a dark chuckle, boring his fingers into the hollows of my cheeks. “Yet, I bet I could break it. I bet I could break that spirit, that will, as easily as I’d break a twig.” The threat in his smooth voice was unmistakable.

“As I said,” I growled between clenched teeth, the intensity in my voice never failing, “Never.”

“How dramatic,” he tutted, the tongue resting on a sharp tooth. “How … predictable.” His gaze swept across me, and something in it changed, as if he was taking me fully in for the first time. Fully appreciative. And something else. Something I didn’t like, at all.

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