I see no reason to reign it in

I have learned myself the art of honesty

raw and vulnerable

Hell, I am judged anyway

I can never outrun judgement

I might as well embrace it


Acknowledge my faults

and throw them in their heads

before they do it to me

Sure, I still carry my secrets

and weaknesses

and when faced with them

I will deal with them


and learn

about myself and the world

It sounds so simple


but there is a price

the honesty makes me feel free

almost numb

there seems to be no consequences

I give away pieces to strangers

that most never would

relieving myself of my insecurities

like this

should not be called brave

I’m eccentric at best

I’m half of an unfeeling cynic too

I feel my will becoming steel

from not caring about that part of myself

it doesn’t feel right somehow

Maybe I’m only growing


truly embracing the cynicism of life

I’m half mush the other half of the time


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