No, my darlings, I do not fear Death. Death has always been there; at the end, waiting for me, patiently, by my side, hiding in my shadow wherever I went. Waiting for me to greet him when my time has come. And now I can go into his embrace with my arms wide open. Because I go into them willingly and loved, my sweet ones! I welcome Death as he welcomes me. After all, Death welcomes everyone. He does not judge. No, I do not fear the patient Death. I fear the impatient Death, the one who mercilessly claims and takes lives as he pleases, swinging his scythe blunt and painful against those undeserving of so quick an exit. Taking them too young, too bright, snuffing out lights and future endeavours in those budding souls. This frightening side of the all-master of this mortal life I fear. But it seems now that he never showed me impatience. He let me be. For that I am grateful; to have experienced a life line uncut. For that I will greet Death and go into his arms smiling.

Monty Python1


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