They say I do nothing, but oh, I do! Behind calm exterior, I wrestle with bitterness and demons not seen to the naked eye. So deep one must dig before they are to be found and yet, they can appear all of a sudden; rearing up their ugly heads and roar at the outside world, changing the faces of the one who unwillingly inhabits them. One needs distractions to forget them; food, friends, work, etc., since inertia and solitude seem to call forth forbidden thoughts about one’s inner self. Pondering like a madman, the Underground Man; Dostoyevsky isolated in his prison cell. A darkness yet to be acted upon if not instinctively. In all of us. Mankind as creatures trying to set ourselves apart from animals, yet we look to animals for their simplicity of life. Constantly trying to better ourselves, like Sisyphus pushing the boulder uphill, only to give up and watch our downfall again and again. Building upon one mistake after another. Stone upon stone. The eternal dilemma of the human race.


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