Fernando Pessoa died before he got to know the impact his work had on us. On me.

Obscure and overlooked, perhaps, his work stands out to me; it resonates and soars within my chest. It will forever run in my blood; a memory of sensation that, even if one day forgotten, will spark and tingle under my skin and in my fingertips when I meet the words again.

I wish he could have known the impact his words would have for generations to come.

I wish I could have met him.

We could have taken a walk, promenading in Lisbon, stayed quiet in each other’s company or talked about everything between heaven and earth — and beyond — and deep, deep within. From the very chambers of our hearts and minds.

I would have liked to have known this quiet man who wandered the streets of Lisbon and carried the universe within.

I would have walked alongside him and helped him carry it.

Réne-Jacques, Paris




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