I quell the selfish need

that continues to arise

the need for being liked

for being loved

to like and to love.

To feel.

Just once.

And yet, I wait for it to come.

I do not chase it.

I should not chase it

the wise ones say.

Yet my impatience remains.

To be liked and loved.

Such selfish needs

overriding my cool rationale

making my head spin.

My own actions speak not

and yet I demand it.

I am pathetic.

To love and to like.

A human need indeed

or an illusion

like so much else?

How can I answer that myself

when I am none the wiser?

Untrained and untried

— until I am action

and not just thoughts and words.

But then

even the wise ones say

they cannot know for sure.

Certainty is an illusion in itself.


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