an excerpt #8

an excerpt #8

“What is it you are trying to protect?”

“I don’t know. Myself? An image of myself. From another time.”

“But you are no longer that person.”

“Am I not? No, perhaps not entirely. But she was once me and she is in there, somewhere.”

“And you cannot let go of her? Even for me?”

“I am not sure I dare. I guess I am too selfish that way. I should be brave and be able to let go, but that image, that version of me seems too precious. Too vulnerable to let go. Maybe I should. Maybe it’s too unhealthy to keep her inside, to keep her near. In the end, even to the very image that I’m trying to protect.”

“But I’ll look after it as well, once you let go. Don’t you see?”

“I see.”

“But you do not trust?”

“I am sorry.”

“Then I am sorry too.”


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