My thinking bent itself directly to the point I was attempting to master. I did not, however, accept it passively. If a theory convinced me, it did not remain an external, alien phenomenon; it altered my relationship with the world, and coloured all my experience.

— Simone de Beauvoir, from The Prime of Life: The Autobiography of Simone de Beauvoir; 1929-1944


i’d rather hear the roar of machines

than the inner beasts of man

i’d rather smell the burn of tires

than the quiet fire of souls

i seek an emotion that must be pure

not conflicted and cracked to splinters

yet i forego notions of completion

to become one with life

is neither one or the other

darkness slips into light

and i do not accept my mind

numbed to the facts of life

but indulge in fantasies beyond my measure

so terrible and alone

and when the last breath escapes

i see my body of work

and silently weep for the pain